Government and lobbying my point of view

How a company can administer formal relationship with government department that is handling issues related to the business.

First I think we ought to understand better what is lobbying government.  Lobbying is the method of private advocacy with a goal to influence an area of government to have an effect to support and individual’s, firm’s or organization’s point of view.

Lobbyist however is a person who receives a payment to make the influence in legislation as well as the public opinion.  An effect in public opinion in turn at the helps firm to establish government relations.

So how can you establish a parliamentary representative to work for a agency or company.  You have to establish good credibility.  Know the matter really well.  Know the counter arguments to the issue, and why you they are wrong.

In government relations and lobbying it is also important to read up the representative party policy.  And for sure make sure the issues you try to run for the firm handled by the right person.  Rather than influencing only a representative it is good to also influence their party or cabinet.

Also you need to behave yourself.  Don’t over exaggerate the issue.  Keep emotions out, except for smiling.  Don’t take more time than you have to from the government representative.

You need to have a good plan.  If you are unsure how much the representative knows about the policy you must establish this early in the conversation so you don’t run into problems and especially time shouldn’t be wasted from the firm you work for or from the representative so that you can keep up the good relations.

I think Government relations are tightly involved with public relations strategy of a firm.  Happy lobbying!

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